Upcoming work and fund raising will be announced as we move into the 2018 season. We plan on producing, per usual, at our home base; Kennedy’s Down Under, Playhouse Square, 1501 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Scheduled is a September/October six weekend engagement and related events. Social media will also be utilized.

Cesear’s Forum is dedicated to presenting unconventional, new or lesser known plays that explore theory and technique to reveal aspects of the social, political, economic and ideological properties of daily life. The company produces intermittently, on a project by project basis (unusual in Cleveland), currently, one play per year, rather than a traditional seasonal approach.

Often termed “niche” theatre, coined to describe a specialized market or its intimate environment, Cesear’s Forum, “Cleveland’s most invisible theatre company,” continues to evolve a distinctive body of work that is creative, diverse and has integrity. The benefits include critical thinking, empathy, historical relevance and an immediacy that live theatre can impact. Creative risk keeps the company relevant for participants and artistic accomplishment is a reward that fosters longevity.