Cesear’s Forum is very proud that we were able to mount a 2021 production successfully and safely. Perceiving the tenor within present society and addressing it artistically, particularly during a pandemic, is risky business even for a small niche theatre.  We are pleased to report that attendance for Joan Didion’s THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, featuring Julia Kolibab, surpassed expectations.  Joan Didion’s act of self discovery, revealing and reflecting her personal moments of reality (or unreality) within the play, permitted a present recognition residing individually within ourselves.  Further, the immediate present societal health concerns and issues of responsibility provided additional resonance to Ms. Didion’s experience that transcend and adumbrates.

Cesear’s Forum, in abeyance, plans a fall 2022 production.

Cesear’s Forum is dedicated to presenting unconventional, new or lesser known plays that explore theory and technique to reveal aspects of the social, political, economic and ideological properties of daily life. The company produces intermittently, on a project by project basis (unusual in Cleveland), currently, one play per year, rather than a traditional seasonal approach.

Brian Bowers, Julia Kolibab, Tricia Bestic, and Dana Hart in Yasmina Reza’s LIFE x 3

Intimate, minimalist, professional and distinctly non-commercial, the company operates from a truly non-profit perspective.

“Sometimes words, by themselves or in recurrent patterns, will blaze up in fiery exchanges or subside in aching whispers; sometimes a grimace, a tear, the movement of a hand, or a break in speech will hint better than spoken language what passes show.”   –Marvin Rosenberg

Watch this space for fund raising activities and our annual “performance benefit.”