Brian Bowers, Mary Alice Beck, and Dana Hart in Michael Frayn's COPENHAGEN

We are grieving the loss of our dear friend, colleague, actor, and board member
Brian Jeffery Bowers.

Brian’s known contributions to the Cleveland performing arts community are well documented. In the context of a small company like ours, his presence was impactful. In his professional pursuits, Brian never lost his altruistic self. He was a patron, educator,  administrator, and student of life.

Brian recognized that acting is an ephemeral art form and was a willing participant. Through his pursuit of craft and his performance work, he left an indelible impression on his audiences.

Some people would say his life was cut short, but if brief, his noted accomplishments represent a full life.

“We are not what we might be

What we are outlaws all extrapolation

Beyond the interval of now and here:

White whales are gone with the white ocean.”      -Sylvia Plath

WENCESLAS SQUARE concludes its limited engagement at
Playhouse Square

Does the past ask itself for something from the present?  Larry Shue’s WENCESLAS SQUARE is a very personal play and the storytelling unusual.  Described as “an anecdote told in flashback,” he shares his American naiveté through the insights of his observed Czech characters.  Those caught up in the boldness and reticence of political challenges to the status quo.  The formatted blueprint and our production elements were met with merit, criticism and much shared response from our audience.  Cesear’s Forum, in abeyance, plans a fall 2023 production.

Stuart Hoffman in Larry Shue’s WENCESLAS SQUARE, Oct. 2022
Lee Mackey & Sheila E. Maloney in Hugh Whitemore’s STEVIE, Jan. 2003
Adina Bloom & Brian Zoldessy in Lanford Wilson’s BETROTHAL, Oct. 2016

Cesear’s Forum is dedicated to presenting unconventional, new or lesser known plays that explore theory and technique to reveal aspects of the social, political, economic and ideological properties of daily life. The company produces intermittently, on a project by project basis (unusual in Cleveland), currently, one play per year, rather than a traditional seasonal approach.

Brian Bowers, Julia Kolibab, Tricia Bestic, and Dana Hart in Yasmina Reza’s LIFE x 3

Intimate, minimalist, professional and distinctly non-commercial, the company operates from a truly non-profit perspective.


“Sometimes words, by themselves or in recurrent patterns, will blaze up in fiery exchanges or subside in aching whispers; sometimes a grimace, a tear, the movement of a hand, or a break in speech will hint better than spoken language what passes show.”   –Marvin Rosenberg


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