Development & Community Growth

Within the theatre community, Cesear’s Forum might be described as a niche theatre that draws from varying demographics. Former Plain Dealer critic, Tony Brown wrote; “Some of the most intriguing work in the Cleveland area is produced by under-the-radar companies in small, out of the way venues.”

Glenn Colerider & Kristie J. Lang in
Joseph Chaiken and Sam Shepard’s WHEN THE WORLD WAS GREEN (A Chef’s Fable)

The aim of Cesear’s Forum: to produce plays that combine social commitment with theatrical experimentation, works that shine light on the gamut of human experience.  Earned income through box office revenue is not enough to sustain the work we do.  Individual donors are essential to healthy balance sheets, as are corporate, private foundation and government funding sources.

German sculpturer, Willi Schmidt once said, “the dignity of a nation will not be judged by her ability to make money, but by her ability to produce art.” We ask you to help Cesear’s Forum continue to produce art in northeast Ohio by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your gift will not only help with our immediate operating expenses but will demonstrate necessary individual and community support.

A gift in any amount would be greatly appreciated and we will be proud to list you as a contributor in our production program. Together, we will continue our pursuit as a minimalist theatre company, dedicated to production excellence through unique, timely and often unknown plays. Please let us add your name to our list of supporters.

How can you help support Cesear’s Forum? By attending our productions, volunteering your time, participating in our fund raisers, sending your own tax-deductible gift to the address below, or making a donation online by clicking here.

Mail to:
Cesear’s Forum
2796 Tinker’s Lane
Twinsburg, OH 44087


Contact Cesear’s Forum at with any fundraising questions or ideas. All fundraising proceeds cover the operating and artistic costs of our season.